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Welcome to our online farm!

2019 promises to be another exciting year here at the farm!

Come out for a visit.

Ask lots of questions - we are happy to answer any and all of them.

Find out why alpaca was called the "fibre of the gods". We welcome you to find the perfect warm alpaca creation for the whole family, hand crafted and also machine knit or woven. Perfect for Canadian winters!

2014 straw harvest on our back field
Moms and babies hanging out together. Family attachments are important to alpacas

Such peaceful, curious animals. Here Freya examines a weed, and it's a serious job

Welcome, welcome!

For our story please visit the "About us" page. Please email or call us to arrange a good time to meet you and show you around!

We are here for you:

1. Unlimited after-sale support. We will gladly answer any questions you might have.
2. Education and training - more than enough training for you to be completely confident with your investment.
3. Financing is available at 0% interest.
4. All our alpacas are trained using Camelidynamics.
5. If you do not yet have your farm ready for your alpacas, agistment (boarding) can be arranged.

Our herd is made up of single and double registered alpacas in all colour ranges. Blood lines such as Sweet William, Hemingway, Caligula, Lionel, Victor’s Vaccoyo, Ivano, CPeruvian Rafael and Alpamayo are represented here. All our breeding males and females come with a full fertility guarantee. Pregnant females come with 30 days live birth guarantee.


Interest Free financing is available. Multiple-purchase discounts available. We look forward to working with you!